OnPointe was incorporated in January 2017 in the State of Georgia in the USA with incorporation number : 17025914 with official address of: 96 Matador Way, Newnan GA 30263 USA. The company is owned by 3 people in the amount of 50%/25%/25%

OnPointe Management will establish living facilities for discharged veterans from the US Military. Currently in Greater Atlanta there are 3900 Veterans seeking accommodation. This number will increase. There are no other companies working in this space to provide housing. The housing is paid for by the Veterans Affairs department of the US Military. The rent is paid from the VA directly to us.

While there is risk in any project, we have a very low level of risk given the number of Vets needing accommodation, the fact that the US Government pays for the accommodation and the number of discharged veterans will be increasing.

The name of the first facility that we have for the Veterans home is Lafayette Garden Hotel. Each facility will have its own name such as the Lafayette property. This helps in our program and of course when we have 5 or 10 facilities then we need to differentiate them.


The United States military services discharge a large number of veterans every single month from Army bases such as Fort Benning in Georgia. Many of these veterans are discharged into a homeless situation with military skills that do not relate well with the civilian world. In addition in the Greater Atlanta, GA. alone there are currently over 3900 homeless vets on the rolls of groups that work to assist these men and women. Statistics indicate that 250,000 vets will be discharged over the next 5 years.

The Veterans Administration (VA) of the U.S. Government has instituted programs which undertake working with the private sector. The goal is to provide basic housing for these vets upon discharge. The VA will pay unemployment in the sum of $1200.00/per month to provide the means to acquire housing and help the Vet get settled into their “new life”.

The Partners plan to provide housing for discharged Veterans from the United States Military. Currently in the Greater Atlanta area alone there are over 3900 Veterans in search of affordable housing.

The Veterans Affairs Department of the US Government will now pay 24 months of rent for each and every Veteran that requires housing. The problem is that there is no housing in Greater Atlanta that meets the standards as set forth by the VA and is affordable. When the VA pays rent, the funds go directly to the Partners.

The Partners plan to purchase older hotel operations that have cash flow from Day 1 and convert these properties into living accommodations for discharged Veterans.

The Partners have full written support from Governor Nathan Deal of the State of Georgia and full written support from Senator Johnny Isacsson, the Senior Senator from the State of Georgia to the US Senate. Senator Isacsson also is the Chair of the Veterans Affairs Committee in Washington. Both men understand the problem and are giving support to the Partners as a means to solve an existing problem.

The Partners require funding to complete the purchase of the Lafayette Garden Hotel. The advantage of this facility is that it has existing cash flow from daily and weekly guests. The cash flow goes immediately to the Partners. The facility also has a restaurant which is leased to IHOP and this produces a monthly guaranteed rent. Second, the property has leased out a Bar and Grill to another operator and this too produces monthly revenue. The property also has facilities for hosting meetings, weddings, receptions and other activities when marked properly.

The Partners will take over all existing household and security staff for the hotel so that the transition will be seamless. The Partners have put together a Management team which is dedicated to discharged Veterans. It includes a former Colonel who since retirement has spent 22 years working with Veterans. Also the team has a retired Master Sergeant who had 20 years in the military and now 18 years of working with Veterans. The Partners have the support of the Military Administration of 3 nearby Military Forts who want the Partners to begin providing housing for their personnel as soon as possible.

The CEO of the Partners is Mr. Larry Matthews who is a well known property developer with over 35 years of experience in this field. Mr. Matthews is supported by an expert and experienced team. The financials of the project are excellent. The aim of the Partners is to assemble 10 – 12 similar type facilities in the Greater Atlanta area over the next several years and then either sell the company or IPO in New York. At this time, there is no competition to be faced by the Partners.

Eagles Freedom Development Group, Inc (EFDG), a for profit enterprise, is a real estate development firm which is now turning its attention to meeting a significant need in American society. They acquire, rehabilitate, and manage real estate assets for the purposes of providing housing for homeless Vets. Their management arm, OnPointe Management Group. Inc, business model is designed to provide an array of services during the Veteran’s transition program back into society. These services include assistance in: vocational, technical, college qualifications, employment assistance, and skill assessment, along with other professional/ancillary services offered to these veterans during this period of adjustment.

The United States military services discharge a large number of veterans every single month from Army bases such as Fort Benning in Georgia. Many of these veterans are discharged into a homeless situation with military skills that do not relate well with the civilian world. In addition in the Greater Atlanta, GA. alone there are currently over 3900 homeless vets on the rolls of groups that work to assist these men and women. Statistics indicate that 250,000 vets will be discharged over the next 5 years.

The Veterans Administration (VA) of the U.S. Government has instituted programs which undertake working with the private sector. The goal is to provide basic housing for these vets upon discharge. The VA will pay unemployment in the sum of $1200.00/per month to provide the means to acquire housing and help the Vet get settled into their “new life”.

The Eagles Freedom Management Group, Inc. and OnPointe Management Group, Inc. are the culmination of 75+ years of private, public, non-profit, government, and military management experience through out the USA. Our business model is designed to assist our Veterans to reenter our society and economy. Our collaborative efforts with local, regional and national private, public, military and non-profit business will facilitate the integration process in returning our Veterans back to our communities.

EFDG is now purchasing older, but functioning motel/hotel facilities in the Greater Atlanta area. This program will create centers which empower displaced vets into becoming self-sufficient and independent members of society while creating a sense of normalcy. It gives a new sense of structure and stability to their lives.

The facilities that EFDG is purchasing have between 100 and 250 rooms are ongoing commercial entities. This is excellent as each facility has a credible cash flow from existing clients whether daily or longer term renters. As the facility takes on more Vets, the civilian customers will decrease. In this program, there is never a day when cash flow does not exist. Each hotel facility has an onsite laundry as well as a commercial kitchen and restaurant.

In purchasing existing and operating facilities, OnPointe retains all maintenance and house keeping staff. This means that there is no need for a “break in “period. OnPointe also upgrades security around each facility providing 24 hours per day each day of the week coverage. Each Veteran who comes in is alcohol and drug free and must maintain that status. There is zero tolerance for alcohol or drugs and the Veteran agrees to this condition during reservation in the facility.

Our services program will provide: educational, technical & specialized medical programs, skilled labor, community and local JOT programs which foster new hiring opportunities. As Vets return home to the worst labor markets and economy in decades, our Vets are finding the employment opportunities extremely competitive and scarce. Our Vets need a “hand up” more than they need a “hand out”. Further, our combat Vets have faced even more difficult challenges after being out of the country in active combat; many of whom face post traumatic stress syndrome.

Eagles Freedom Development Group and OnPointe Management Group have been aided in this program by the unwavering and consistent support from the highest levels of Government. This included The Georgia State Governor, the Honorable Nathan Deal. It also includes the support of the Georgia US Senator, the Honorable Johnny Isakson who also is the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Veteran’s Affairs in Washington. Once operational we have been assured that there are grants and appropriations from both the state and federal government of upwards of $10 million dollars* that we will be eligible for.

OnPointe Management Group, Inc. is permitted to establish a “desk” on the Military Base which will allow it to advise veterans who are up for discharge. This allow us to insure the Veteran know that they can be accommodated in a location that provides the ancillary service the veterans needs to move forward. It enables us to establish a relationship with the soon to be discharged vets so that they make our facility their new home on discharge.

This joint program between the Government and the Private Sector is answering a crucial and vital need for those warriors who are being discharged.

The aim of EFDG is to build up a viable number of units and then within 5 years, sell the company to a much bigger entity or in the alternative, take the company public in New York. This is the exit strategy for Eagles Freedom Development Company, Inc. and the investors.

EFMG knows and agrees that any transaction with an investor can be fully compliant with all terms and regulations of the Sharia Law.

The principals of EFDG are Mr. Larry Matthews and Mr. Lynwood Bradley both of whom are successful businessmen with extensive experience in real estate, education and training.

EFDG has plans to raise $35,000,000 in order to purchase and retrofit to VA standards another six facilities. The facilities are purchased from sellers who have owned a “Red Roof Inn” and now wish to retire. There are significant numbers of these units which are available for our program. The money raised also provides initial operating funds for EFDG.

LGI won the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2014 Award The Lafayette Garden Inn and Conference Center has been awarded the 2014 Certificate of Excellence Award from Trip Advisor. This is a very prestigious award in the travel industry and is the 4th year in a row that the hotel voted the best hotel in LaGrange, Georgia has received this award. Trip Advisor has become the go to resource for travellers around the world in determining where they are going to stay when traveling. The Lafayette Garden Inn and Conference Center has been voted the Reader’s Choice Best Hotel in LaGrange for eleven straight years by the Lagrange Daily News.

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