Fund Raising Services

We have access to a list of 5,000 plus contacts who are accredited/qualified investors.

We also have over 45,000 subscribers to our sites and or newsletters.

For each offering prepared by us or approved by us ( – Project Listing) we contact our potential investors by email followed by phone calls.

To that effect we use our professional callers/brokers to propose and defend your project/venture.

Debt Trading Platform

We strongly advise our clients to ‘buy’ this service.

Private investments are illiquid and very unpopular in most cases. The reason for that being the lack of visibility and lack of liquidity for private investments.

TAG Funds Management Oü is a regulated and licensed entity that enables its patrons to trade all digitized assets created by the IPSO at a price, time and place of their choosing.

Being able to do so, thus, potentially, create liquidity and attract investors. Please consult their site for more information.

Please contact us for a quote for doing this as it is subject to the complexity and amount of research and work required.

If all options are chosen, we offer a discount – please contact us for more information

Please be advised that we do not charge any up front fees. Fees are payable only after satisfactory completion of tasks.