TWEX Token

A TWEX Token is a crypto asset that is priced at 10 € per token.

Each Token can be used at a time of your choosing to invest in any company trading on our Exchange ( or to acquire crypto assets available on our crypto Exchange (

A TWEX Token is a pure utility token as it can only be used to acquire DST offered on our regulated Exchange.


A TWEX Token will always retain 94 % of its initial value until such time when you actively use the token and either acquire other crypto assets or invest into any company trading on our platform or managed fund – geographical or sector pairing. When you conduct an investment your funds are only then released in favor of the recipient. In counterpart you will receive DST and smart contracts for 10 €!


The TWEX Token will then reintegrate our treasury ready to be sold to any new investors following the same pattern as a one of its kind Minimum Value Guaranteed Coin – backed by Euros!