TWEX Offering

Initial Exchange Offering

  • TWEX enables its clients to conduct an IEO on its EU regulated Exchange
  • The IEO will be conducted via the listing and or issuance of an ERC 20 Token in client’s name
  • Said token should be a Utility Token. If funds derived from the IEO are to be used to run the business then the tokens are Securities as per definition from the SEC. In such case, we will help you create your very own STO (Securities Tokens Offering)
  • In order to create an STO for you we will, at your choice, either approach the US SEC or Cyprus Securities – CySec in order to obtain the STO label for your offering.
  • Once the legal part sorted out, we will then conduct the IEO!

Crypto Assets Creation

Why Assets Tokenization?

  • Fractional ownership
  • Liquidity creation
  • 24/7/365 trading
  • Accrued Compliance
  • ‘Set in stone’ terms and conditions
  • Multilateral sale systems worldwide with high access to capital
  • Secured ledger to record immutable ownership
  • Immediate trading and settlement

Going the CySec route

  • We need to create a company in Cyprus for your offering.
  • You can start your STO in 8 days for an amount up to 5 Million without having your prospectus approved.
  • Corporate Tax is only 12.5 %.
  • Full incorporation services, domiciliation, nominees, etc. services are included.
  • Cyprus is now becoming a leading Jurisdiction for IEOs, STOs, DLTs and Blockchain related companies.
  • Incorporating in Cyprus will grant you all the benefits of an offshore legal entity plus the transparency and credibility you require for your project!

Going the SEC route

  • We will file for STO exemptions if applicable or STO status either for your existing non US Company via a REG F filing.
  • Alternatively we can also create a local company for you in a digital assets friendly State such as Utah in order to file with the SEC.
  • Timing might extend to around 45 days as a maximum given the workload of the SEC for the World’s first Economic market.

Raising Funds for your IEO

  • Irrespective whether your token is a pure utility or security we will be able to help you.
  • We have around 45,000 subscribers to our newsletter who are going to be approached first in order to start spreading the word about your offering.
  • We have direct proprietary access to over 5,000 Accredited and Qualified investors located the World over. They are VCS, Family Offices, Crypto Funds, Banks, Brokerage Houses, Finance Companies, etc.
  • We will also cause to be created specific presentation and pitches that will then be distributed to a secondary proven list of over 10,000 Venture Capital Funds. Once a meeting is obtained with said firm you will have to defend and sell your product to them directly!