Project offerings are digitalised backed by the issuing company’s assets. A selection of our current Project offerings can be seen at


Trade investments as required creating liquidity in an illiquid market with our tools to help you



Our calculation tool is driven by 37 financial ratios derived from two yearly audits on each company, sourced by us and listed on our Exchange, after they are fully funded

Each company issues the following securities to back the Digital Asset they are creating:

The SCCs are issued if Debt Obligation Method is used giving pre agreed repayment terms for the term of investment

The SCPs are issued if Debt Obligation Method is used giving pre agreed payment terms for the term of investment

TPSs provides priority rank to debt, pays 1% of annual sales , variable end term based on issuers asset collateral

Shares of the company if so elected – entitling investor to regular dividends and voting rights (coming soon)

The Trading Process

Once invested you are then able to hold or to offer your investment(s) for sale in whole or in part at a time and price of your choosing.

For example: If one of the companies owes you €10,000 on an SCC due in Month 18. In month 15 you need access to your funds so you:

In this way our investors have the possibility to strip and independently trade any or all of their investments whether Smart Contract Capital (SCC), Smart Contract Profit Participation (SCP), the Preferred Share (TPS). Trade one or two years, partly or entirely, while keeping the other contracts or trade everything!