Companies News

3 Burger King Restaurants

Marseille BK Restaurant Open for Takeaway business. €1.25m raise

Luxury Suite Hotel

A luxury Hotel in Port Gentil the capital of Gabon

The Krash of The Rising Sun

All Action Austin Ross movie

Sustainable Ramada Resort

This educational resort will open nine months post funding

Water Aquaponics, Aquaculture

Sustainable water and food

Luxury Apartments

In Villefranche Sur Mer, South of France

TPE and Hankook

Ground breaking Electricity from waste tyre plant match funded by Hankook

Holon Offices

Superb office development near Tel Aviv

Plastics and Chemicals

A well established Italian company.

TWIM 1 Consortium

A grouped investment company with good projected returns.

Alpen Design Studio

Modern digital graphics production

The Aqua Vitae Parallax

An international adventure movie

TWIM 1 Consortium

A post covid development on Grand Bahama converting existing hotel to luxury condos

Seaside Asian Restaurant

Great Asian food with French fries

Energy From CO2

Ecological energy with a difference.