Qui sommes-nous ?

TWEX is a fully functional regulated trading site for Digital Securities Tokens (DST). Our DST Protocol has been created using new technologies such as blockchain and hyper ledger to name just a few. Real assets in the form of shares,


Solutions brought forward by TWEX   We tokenize the various offerings on our site while backing each of the offerings by the relevant assets offered by the companies (issuers). We then enable you to trade your investments at a time

TWEX Offerings

Initial Exchange Offering TWEX enables its clients to conduct an IEO on its EU regulated Exchange The IEO will be conducted via the listing and or issuance of an ERC 20 Token in client’s name Said token should be a

Banking Services

Credit Card Processing and multiple IBANs! TWEX in association with its partners offer over 30 years of extensive knowledge and experience in creating low risk solutions within high-risk sectors. Together we offer a host of financial services to allow your


Number of TWEX Tokens available: 30,000,000

Unit Price: 10 Euros

Total TWEX for sale: 30,000,000

Tokens distributed to third parties and promoters will be treated as ‘Token Options’. This means that when the owner sells one token at market value he will solely earn the difference between the market value and 9.4 €. He will only be allowed to sell if the market value exceeds 9.4 € per token.

Regulated Digital Service Provider

Republic of Estonia, European Union

Financial Intelligence Unit/Politsei-ja Pirivaleamet

License number: FFA000369                        Operating as a financial institution

License number: FVR000659                        Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against FIAT Currency

License number: FRK000557                        Providing a virtual currency wallet service