TWEX is a fully functional regulated trading site for Digital Assets/Tokens (DST). Our DST Protocol has been created using new technologies such as blockchain and hyper ledger to name just a few. Real assets in the form of shares, preferred shares, debt obligations, real estate, technology, patents back all DST trading on our sites.

The use of our DST Protocol enables us to tackle the following common problems encountered when investing:

  • Liquidity – no possibility to recoup your investment at a time of your choosing,
  • Inability to price the value of your investment,
  • Potentially long term wait before being able to earn some dividends,
  • If you find a buyer for your investment because of a need of funds, you usually have to sell your entire holding,
  • Fractional investments making expensive investments available for less not readily available,
  • Non compliance with any rules and regulations thus opening the doors to potentially dire consequences,
  • Lack of transparency on investments,

(This is a non-exhaustive list)

These are just few of the problems you face, will face or might face when investing.