Bounty Program

TWEX Bounty Program Enables it’s User to test the TWEX Platform Beta site at Also it attracts Advisers to come on board to give their valuable inputs to improve the system and market its services.

Participation Program
New users are welcome to the system to register and participate. Users are encouraged to participate and are rewarded with 10 TWEX tokens in their wallet on the TWEX platform ( A winner of the trading game would WIN as follows:-

1st prize: 50,000 TWEX Tokens
2nd prize: 20,000 TWEX Tokens
3rd prize: 10,000 TWEX Tokens
4th to 10th prizes: 2,000 TWEX Tokens
11th to 15th prizes: 1,000 TWEX Tokens
Total tokens: 100,000 twice a week

Lottery Program
Every Wednesdays and Saturdays for the coming 2 months all TWEX Wallet owners will have the chance of winning one of our prizes. Winners wallet numbers will be drawn lottery style. The winning numbers will be generated by our main computer running a numbers algorithm. One has to check our Lottery Section every Wednesdays and Saturday at 20:00 CET to know if your TWEX Wallet number has won.
Every winning wallet is rewarded with 100,000 TWEX tokens on the TWEX platform (

Adviser Program
The Adviser Program is aimed at directing talent to be part of the board of advisers. Every adviser comes in with new ideas to make the product features strong as well as market the services of the platform in their network. In appreciation of their effort and contribution we on-board every adviser with a reward of 50000 TWEX tokens once they register online on the platform and open their wallet on

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