Banking Services

Credit Card Processing and multiple IBANs!

  • TWEX in association with its partners offer over 30 years of extensive knowledge and experience in creating low risk solutions within high-risk sectors. Together we offer a host of financial services to allow your business to grow from day one, all blockchain friendly and all facilitated by our partners and TWEX.
  • We have partnered with one of the largest independent foreign currency suppliers in the UK who has served over 2 million customers over 20 successful years. The company has a proven track record of servicing bureau de changes, corporate entities, Money Service Businesses and

Banking Services Overview

  • Multi-currency IBAN’s
  • Deliverable foreign exchange
  • Multiple currencies in multiple jurisdiction card acquiring
  • Patented payments infrastructure facilitating subscriptions to
    ICOs/ITOs/STOs with cards
  • Local and cross border payments
  • Services offered digitally via a cloud native platform

Typical Clients

  • FinTech’s
  • Digital asset companies
  • SME’s

Banking Services

  • Some transactions can be paid using crypto, but FIAT is still a vital part of any business.
  • Our associated partners can facilitate bank account services and
    multi-currency IBANs for Fintech’s digital asset companies & SME’s.
  • All banking services are offered digitally via a cloud native platform with
    multi-currency IBANs in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Allowing you the ability to reconcile accounts precisely, ensuing a smooth
    consistent level of service to your client and giving you greater control of
    your business.
  • In order to achieve mass adoption you must establish a bridge between
    digital assets and fiat transactions, through merchant services partners, we will cause to be integrated card acceptance to your platform. We can, via our partners, cause the facilitation of an agile card payment solution tailored specifically to your needs offering the ability to accept multiple currencies in multiple jurisdictions globally allowing your business to engage with a wider audience.


As a business your compliance procedures must be vigorous, adapting to changes and ensuring that regulations are maintained and monitored. We shall help
you with identity verification, screening and transaction monitoring tools as made available to us by our experienced partners thus enabling you to onboard
customers seamlessly and securely.

All our associates and affiliates enabling us to present these services are fully regulated. TWEX is a regulated company in the EU for all tasks pertaining to opening wallets, storing digital assets, receiving and sending FIAT and trading digital assets. Please contact us for detailed costing and procedures: